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It’s not in your head! Empty Cages, Jess Basson

January 28, 2022 Candice Langford Season 1 Episode 2
Nurture Pod
It’s not in your head! Empty Cages, Jess Basson
Show Notes

It’s not in your head! 

New book “Empty Cages” that Jess so generously shares is applicable to anyone, no matter where you may be on your journey. Whether it’s adult ADHA (like Jess), your own new diagnosis; vaginismus, endometriosis, postpartum depression… or the diagnosis of a friend/family member. Jess shares real, raw and relatable experiences to disarm and unlock cages.

Jess Basson lives in Westbrook on the east coast of South Africa, with her husband Tom and their two wildlings, William and Luke. She loves gardening, her cats, walking on the beach, reading novels and procrasti-napping. As a speaker, coach, pastor, facilitator and writer, Jess wears many hats but her passion is to share life-transforming ideas.
She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management from the University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, and a Master of Arts in Vocational Studies (Cum Laude) from Tabor College, Australia.
Jess is releasing her first book, Empty Cages, in November 2021. After discovering she had been living with adult ADHD, Jess shares her hilarious and helpful journey towards finding freedom from lies she had believed about herself. With humour and vulnerability, Jess comes alongside anyone who is feeling stuck in smallness, or has lost themselves somewhere on life's journey. She helps us to discover keys to open whatever cages we find ourselves in. Empty Cages available now at


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