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Low Libido, Candice Langford

July 01, 2022 Candice Langford Season 1 Episode 10
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Low Libido, Candice Langford
Show Notes

“Low Libido”, Candice Langford

As a pelvic physio working with individuals with painful penetration, the topic of ‘low libido’ comes up a lot. So here are a few foundations that I have found to be helpful in exploring ‘what to do’ about ‘low libido’. 

“Low libido” or as you will learn “FSIAD” is a common and juicy topic! 

We cover a lot; 

Human S. Response Cycles, Arousal NON-CONCORDANCE, DUEL CONTROL MODEL, Responsive Desire…

As well as TOOLS for you to explore!

But this is still just the tip of the iceberg, it’s an interconnected topic with many factors weighing into your experience of altered desire and arousal!

Note; research populations are changing to become more inclusive.  If you hear me saying ‘female’ in relation to a study - it is relating to the parameters set in that study. We can assume that the individuals included, identified as ‘female’. 

In addition to this, most research is based on heterosexual relationships. This too is changing to include different relationship structures & preferences.

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