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Permission and Sexuality, Catriona Boffard

June 14, 2022 Candice Langford Season 1 Episode 9
Nurture Pod
Permission and Sexuality, Catriona Boffard
Show Notes

Permission and Sexuality, Catriona Boffard

In listening to Catriona’s Podcast, (Asking for a friend) the topic of “permission” flowed so beautifully and powerfully through each episode! 

I was therefore delighted to have her on the Nurture Pod to lean in on the topic!
 Catriona shares and helps us identify the potential of this ‘simple’ tool; not only in our comprehensive education but also in our; capacity for pleasure, expression, identity, intimate narratives, expectations, communication… 

 Todays Guest:

Catriona Boffard is a Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist, Sexuality Researcher, Podcaster and Author. She is an internationally recognised authority in the field of sexuality and has delivered her expert advice on TV, radio, and corporate and public platforms. She is also an acclaimed academic author and speaker, having published internationally in prestigious journals and textbooks and speaks for major clients around the world. Catriona has numerous qualifications and is currently undertaking her doctorate in psychotherapy.  She is an expert in the field of sexual behaviour, well-being and mental health, and is particularly passionate about working with people who face difficulties in their sexual experience, especially women with sexual pain. She believes that by giving people permission to talk about and explore sex, the narrative of sex can ultimately change. She hosts the weekly podcast, Asking for a Friend, which covers topics on sex, intimacy, relationships and mental health that we may feel too embarrassed to ask about.

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Instagram: @sexologywithcatriona

My Mastery: Catriona Boffard teaches sex & intimate connection

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