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Perinatal Physio, Kirsty Nel

February 22, 2022 Candice Langford Season 1 Episode 4
Nurture Pod
Perinatal Physio, Kirsty Nel
Show Notes

Join myself and Kirsty as we discuss what to expect during pregnancy and postpartum physiotherapy. In this transformative life phase, it is not uncommon for new parents to feel mislead or poorly informed about their pelvic health concerns, not knowing if symptoms are ‘normal’ or where to turn… you may find yourself asking “why did no one tell me”. We discuss the transitional phase that we are all in today, as we move away from a period of shame and a lack of insight toward feeling empowered, informed and confident to advocate for ones needs. 

“I am a physiotherapist and I qualified in 2006. In 2012 I completed my women's health special interest modules via the SAPS in Cape Town. I did both the written and piratical exam as well as the case study. In 2015 I went to London do complete my foundation courses in Western Medical Acupuncture. When I returned I worked for and was mentored by Phyllis Berger in pain management and infertility acupuncture.

In 2019 I opened my own practice and spread my wings into full on womens' health focused treatments. This coincided with me falling pregnant unexpectedly. My little one was born in January 2020 and shortly after that COVID hit us. I had to adapt how I could treat and consult with patients so I developed my instagram page and  webinar series which has just gone from strength to strength.

My practice focuses on female pelvic floor pathology which include pregnancy and postpartum management as well as infertility and endometriosis treatments.

Seeing a gap in awareness and and info for moms and women in general I a launching an online platform called & Her Women’s Wellness. This site aims to be a space to empower and support women in various stages of life and health with information, products and material to help their specific needs.

The first product are almost ready to launch so we will hopefully be live by the end of the year.


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